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*New* Pay your Water/Sewer Bills Online!

You can now pay your Utility Bill online with BS&A and Official Payments. 

Click on the link below to get started:

Pay here

Simply look up your bill by address, select your property, and make a payment.


Application Process

Upon completion of water/sewer applications, please bring applications and payment to the Township offices.  Plan on picking up your water meter (if needed as part of water application) when payment is made .  You may also mail your applications and payment to the Township OR drop them in the drop-box on our front porch (water meter may be picked up later).

OFFICE HOURS: 9a - 5p / Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
MAILING ADDRESS: Jamestown Charter Township, PO Box 88, Jamestown, MI 49427

Corrected Copper Findings for Jamestown water report

The 2015 Jamestown Consumer's Confidence Report (CCR) listed an incorrect value for the 90th percentile of copper.  The MDEQ notified us of this error, and we have corrected the mistake.  We reported a 90th percentile of copper as 116 parts per billion, when it was actually 90.5.  The error occurred by reporting the highest value copper, instead of averaging out the 90th percentile.  Both results are well under the allowable copper limit, which is 1300 ppb.  You can view the new CCR Here:



The Jamestown Water Department will be flushing hydrants during the next couple weeks as part of it's annual flushing and monitoring program. Hydrant flushing ensures adequate water pressure is available for fighting fires, and cleans the water mains of accumulated debris.

Hydrant flushing often results in rusty debris getting agitated and circulated within the water main. During this time there may be a rusty coloration coming out of taps. In this situation, let the water run until the coloration goes away. In the case of laundary, the water should be run for a minute to detect whether there is coloration.

Since these Particles of rust are always sitting in the main, and have been disinfected, it does not constitute a health hazard or a contamination of the main. Simply flush the tap until the coloration goes away.

We will be flushing hydrants on Fridays between 9am and 5pm.

If there is a concern about the quality of the water, or for questions and comments please email the water departement at .


Thank you,

Brian Boss

Boss and Sons Environmental, LLC

Jamestown Water and Sewer

Jamestown Consumer Confidence Report, 2015

Click on the .pdf below to view Jamestown's Consumer's Confidence Report for the year 2015.  We are pleased to announce that your water meets, and often is better than, all state and federal guidelines for safe drinking water!