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Property Site Visits - Permits Etc.

The Assessor's Office makes several property visits throughout the year.  Most notably, the Assessor and/or staff visits all of the sites that have been issued a building permit throughout the year by Kirk Scharphorn Jr, the Township's Building Inspector.  Most of these appraisal reviews of new construction are completed in the winter toward the end of the year, as "Tax Day" each year is December 31st.  From an assessment perspective, the valuation for the upcoming year's assessment roll is based on "whatever the property looks like on 'Tax Day,' December 31st."  In other words, a new house that is only 50% completed as of year end will have an assessment in the upcoming year that reflects partial construction.  The Assessor's Office will then return to that property the following year to verify that the work was completed, and change the partial construction assessment to a completed house assessment for the subsequent year. 

Based on this timeline and the necessity that the Assessor's Office keeps a current project status of properties as of December 31st, several site visits must take place in the last few weeks of the year.  In order to maintain an efficient schedule, the Assessor's Office usually goes on neighborhood-wide permit reviews stopping at several sites throughout the day.  If you have a project going at your home and would prefer a scheduled appointment, please do not hesitate to contact our office and we will arrange a site review.  In addition, if your project is completed before the end of the year, please feel free to get a hold of us as we would be more than happy to complete our appraisal and assessment review of your home earlier in the year. 

When completing our fieldwork, we are typically in a marked car and have with us photo identification and business cards.